The Reinstatement of Design

Chapter 1 AXIS vol. 97in May 2003
           「The Structure of Japan's Cities 」
Chapter 2 AXIS vol. 98 in July 2003
           「Design and the System」
Chapter 3 AXIS vol. 99 in September 2003  
          「IT and Architecture」
Chapter 4 AXIS vol.100 in November 2003
          「Half architecture, half land form」
Chaptert 5 AXIS vol.101 in January 2004
          「Global Simultaneity」
Chaptert 6 AXISvol.102 in March 2004
          「Universal Form as a Source of "Place" 」
Chaptert 7 AXISvol.103 in May 2004
          「Viewpoint and Drawing Method- Perspective and Isometrics」
Chaptert 8 AXIS vol.104 in July 2004
          「The devil in the blank canvas」
Chapter 9 AXIS vol.105 in September 2004
          「Public and Private」
Chaptert 10 AXISvol.106 in November 2004
          「Architecture and time」
Chapter 11 AXIS vol.107 in January 2004
          「Form and Function」
Chapter 12 AXISvol.108 in March 2004
          「Form adn Function úK」

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