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Hiyoshi Dam Complex

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Use: Community Center,Gymnasium,Fitness Center,Swimming Pool and Springs

Site area: 36,093 ㎡

Total floor area: 7,390 ㎡

Structure: Reinforced concrete structure

Year: 1998

Photo: Mitsumasa Fujitsuka

The design is composed of a community center for the town of Hiyoshi in northern Kyōto and the Hiyoshi Dam, which controls water of Katsura River to prevent flood in the downstream sector with its round bridge and in-between landscape design. The project aims to create a public space that is open to citizens and to provide amenities for them by integrating different elements of architecture, dam, and landscape design. 

The design of the community center itself was conceived along with the Hiyoshi Dam when it was being planned by the government. The community center complex consists of two segments: firstly, a section including a health center, a heated pool, a spa, and a gymnasium on the larger right bank below the dam; and secondly, a section including a culture and information center with a restaurant on the smaller left bank.

1F Plan
2F Plan
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