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Location: Emukae, Nagasaki Prefecture

Use: Cultural Center and Music Hall

Total floor area: 2,400 m²

Structure: Steel structure,Steel framed reinforced concrete structure

Year: 1995

This facility is designed to serve as a center for community revitalization and cultural activities in Ego-cho and the Kitamatsu area of Nagasaki Prefecture.

The main functions of the building consist of a 523-seat main hall for music concerts, a 200-seat multi-purpose community hall, and administrative and dressing rooms. The entrance hall connecting these areas is given a fluid spatiality based on a geometric composition.

The main hall, in particular, has an asymmetrical configuration and an innovative design that incorporates daylight. The acoustic reflectors of the stage are used for the sound reflectors of the stage. The sound reflector on the stage is movable, and by removing it, it can be used for various cultural activities such as theatrical performances and lectures.

The site is a former coal mine site in the Sakuryu district of Egoro-cho, a flat area of approximately 1 ha, located on the eastern edge of the town, which is expected to grow in the future.

In this project, the entire site was converted into a park to serve as the center of this new area, and the architecture was given a circular form in consideration of the landscape characteristics that can be visually perceived from all directions, which also creates a varied spatial effect in the interior.




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