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Location: Murotomisakicho, Kochi Prefecture

Use: deep ocean water factory

Total floor area: 1481㎡ 

Year: 2003

UTOCO Limited Plant is a salt manufacturing plant planned for a site along a rocky coastline near Cape Muroto in Kochi Prefecture. The plant will refine salt and minerals from deep sea water using osmosis membranes. The site faces the Pacific Ocean and is one of the most exposed to strong salt winds, sometimes exceeding 70 meters per hour. In order to protect the plant from the harsh natural environment, the structure was made of large-section laminated wood with minimal metal joints to avoid salt damage. On the seaward side, the structure is a "caving-in" structure that alternates 12cm x 150cm x 900cm members at different angles to increase rigidity, and by creating a curve where the two angles meet, the wind from the sea is deflected upward. Since it was anticipated that stone grains from the ocean side would be carried by the strong winds during typhoons, no windows were installed on the ocean side, and skylights were installed between the two crossed members to let in light. The building was placed on the seaward side parallel to the coastline, considering the future expansion of the inland side, and the management building and the factory building were divided and opened toward the sea, corresponding to the landscape design and the elevation of the inland side.

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