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Kambayashi Akatsuki Memorial Hall
上林01-航空写真 .jpg

Location: Kuroshio Town, Kōchi Prefecture

Year: 1998

Kuroshio-chō (formerly Ogata-chō), Kōchi Prefecture is a coastal town near the mouth of the Shimanto River, situated in the southwestern region of the prefecture. This project focused on the memorial hall for Kambayashi Akatsuki, a writer from the region, and aimed to build a gallery to exhibit his literature, a library and an auditorium.

Literature is quite different from the visual arts with regard to the difficulty of visual exhibition. Yet in this scheme, several visual motifs of Kambayashi’s literature were arranged inside and outside of the building to create their particular focal points, which were interactively related to each other along with the sequential movement up to the terrace on top. Kambayashi Akatsuki was born in Ogata-chō in Meiji 35 (1902) and consistently wrote novels on his hometown with it's nature until his death in Shōwa 55 (1980), aged 79. Kambayashi was confined to his sickbed for eighteen years after collapsing from his second cerebral hemorrhage, yet he continued writing with his left hand, the manuscript of which is exhibited in the gallery in the second floor. With the devoted support of his sister Mutsuko, he never let go of his passion for literature. 

One of his most important works, Buronzu no kubi (Bronze Head), is a description of sculptor Kubo Takao creating a likeness of Kambayashi’s head. This bronze head, titled Kambayashi-san, is also highly praised as a work of figurative sculpture; thus, it was placed as one of the focal point of this architecture on the roof terrace.  The other focal point was Shiroi yakatabune (White Festival Boat ), a driftwood sculpture by Okubo Eiji under the commision by the architect for this particular project which was situated at the external front of the entrance hall. This artwork was based on the theme from Kambayashi’s famous work, which in turn was based on an ancient myth from the Tosa region: a white yakatabune (festival boat) will appear in a dream on the brink of one’s death, and by choosing to ride it one will face death. Considering the character of the writer's literature, above mentioned motifs are carefully chosen from his novels to create the focal points of the architecture rather than to treat them as just the exhibits. By integrating these visual motifs of his literature, the goal of this project is to form an architectural hill as a podium that provides an encounter with the emptiness of the blue sky of the writer’s homeland Ogata, representing Kambayashi Akatsuki himself as well as being an ultimate space of his memorial.

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