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Project name: Jusandi

Location: Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture

Client: BE Pleasure Company

Contractor: Yaeyama Kogyo

Main purpose: Accommodation

Main structure: RC

Site area: 10,034.69㎡

Total floor area: 524.89㎡

Year of completion: 2013

The site is on a cliff overlooking the sea at the northern end of Ishigaki Island. It’s a villa-style retreat with a dining building and five independent white condominiums. Plants in the Yaeyama jungle have been carefully preserved with the most effort. The five single-story buildings were designed with consideration for how each building views the terrain and the sea and how it is appreciated. The deep blue sea in the distance, the greenery of Yaeyama reflected by the water, and the sense of depth, from indoor through the close-up view to the far view, were composed of a picturesque landscape in white, green, and blue.

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